The Wishing Tree Foundation is devoted to improving the inner wellbeing of an individual. Derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Kalpa Vruksha’, it denotes a magical tree that grants wishes. We are dedicated to empower people to realize the power of being in control of every aspect of their lives. We want all individuals to realize their full potential and work towards achieving excellence consistently. We strongly believe that the key to a joyful and peaceful world is to create more individuals who are joyful and peaceful within. 

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We live in a world today filled with a tremendous amount of negativity. Anxiety has become all-pervasive: across geographies, occupations and age groups. It seems today that no one - not even our young children - is spared from stress and depression.

No great achievement or positive action is possible in this world whilst in a state of constant negativity. For a human being to fully realize his/her potential, the first and foremost precondition is that the mind and the body learn to be at peace.