"The Wishing Tree Team came across as well-trained and approachable trainers for NLP-based  Wellness and Stress Management workshop. I learnt a lot in this 1-day workshop and have so many takeaways with me. The concepts covered were very comprehensive and holistic. The Circle of Excellence and state change techniques were really an eye-opener. I have learnt life-time techniques and would love to attend more such sessions. I recommend this team to anyone who wants to make his world a better place to live in and to gain more insights on NLP/Wellness based approaches"
- Ashwin Rasquinha, TESCO

"Thank you Wishing Tree for an exceptional discussion in NLP. The topic is very comprehensive and the way the session was planned, it envisioned me for my GOALS and strenghtened me with positive energy. The session helped me explore all the techniques and implement for a better life ahead"

- Ekta Shrivastava, Learning & Development, CapGemini

"THE NLP-based Wellness and Stress Management Workshop was definitely an eye-opener into the world of NLP. Up until now, NLP was a 3 letter acronym. The trainer definitely helped kindle a yearning to learn and implement the different NLP techniques in my life. I look forward to being a part of follow-up workshops"
- Melanie Fernandes, Research Associate, Psychometric Assessments

"Had participated in the NLP based workshop on stress management. The trainer was in total command, managing queries with ease and empathy. Various facets of NLP were covered with authenticity and sincerity.The program had the right blend of theory and group practicals which made the learning experience even more receptive.The learning materials and facilities were best in class. Thanks Team Wishing Tree and keep many more sessions like these flowing. It was a great session and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Overall a 5 star rating"

- Karthik Rao, aspiring Counsellor

"Feel more happy after the session. The trainer has been wonderful and very clear about the topics. Would love to incorporate the techniques in my everyday life"

- Aditya Bhardwaj, Software Engineer

"Thank you Wishing Tree team.... well facilitated interactive NLP workshop!!! Had a wonderful time learning the techniques of wellness. My best wishes for you all to conduct many more such events"

- Roopa Bhattacharjee, Counsellor

"The Circle of Excellence was a great fulfilling experience. Would love to attend all your sessions and new programs"

- Sanjay Panjwani, Businessman

About US

We live in a world today filled with a tremendous amount of negativity. Anxiety has become all-pervasive: across geographies, occupations and age groups. It seems today that no one - not even our young children - is spared from stress and depression.

No great achievement or positive action is possible in this world whilst in a state of constant negativity. For a human being to fully realize his/her potential, the first and foremost precondition is that the mind and the body learn to be at peace. 


The Wishing Tree Foundation is devoted to improving the inner wellbeing of an individual. Derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Kalpa Vruksha’, it denotes a magical tree that grants wishes. We are dedicated to empower people to realize the power of being in control of every aspect of their lives. We want all individuals to realize their full potential and work towards achieving excellence consistently.